Top 5 Cities to Live in Australia

If you’re thinking of moving to Australia, or you’re looking to move to another state within Australia, there’s plenty of reason to explore your available options. Each city in Australia has its perks. In this article, we’ll outline the top 5 states in Australia to move to. 

1. Hobart

 There are some great things to do and experience in Hobart Australia. For starters, you can easily take advantage of the many fantastic Hobart real estate deals that you can find on the internet. These deals range from apartments to townhouses to house shares to holiday homes and everything in between. However, for a real bargain that you can afford, then you should consider booking your accommodation in advance, or at least looking around online before you get there.

2. Brisbane

Brisbane is quickly becoming recognised as Australia’s city of opportunity. With development for the Queen’s Wharf to go up, Brisbane is increasingly becoming a hot topic among real estate. Brisbane has a rich multicultural culture with a performing arts centre and rich museum in South Bank. If you’re looking for a city with stable economic growth, Brisbane could be the city for you. 

3. The Gold Coast

With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Gold Coast is an incredibly popular area for people to move. Whether you’re looking to move closer to their surfing reserve at Burleigh Heads, or you’d like to love closer to the action at Surfer’s Paradise, there’s something for everyone on the Gold Coast. Real estate can be expensive, so if you’re in a strong financial position investing in a house on the Gold Coast could be a wise choice for you. 

4. Sydney

With Australia’s most recognised landmarks like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney has got to be one of the most culturally rich cities in Australia. It’s one one the more populated cities in Australia. Closely, there are plenty of beautiful beaches such as Bondi Beach. If you’re comfortable with a larger city population, there’s something for everyone in Sydney. 

5. Perth

Perth is Australia’s hidden gem. Situated in Western Australia, Perth is a beautiful city with a lower population. The Rottnest Islands have become a popular landmark of Perth over the last few years, notorious for their ‘Quokkas’. Perth offers a unique residential experience for Australians. With the most stunning sunsets in Australia, Perth could very well be the city for you. 

How Can I Move to a New City? 

If you’re a student or a traveller, moving around Australia will be easy for you. However, if you’re looking to relocate your household belongings to another state, you may require interstate removalists. If you’re in Brisbane and you’re looking to move elsewhere, Premier Removals offer dependable interstate removal services. If you’re looking to move elsewhere in Australia, contact your local interstate removal companies and compare quotes for the most cost-effective option for you. 

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